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March 14, 2019
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March 26, 2019
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Record keeping for Rental property owners 🏡!

Rental property owners: make sure you keep proper records to support your deductions claims. Don’t miss out because of lost receipts or forgotten expenses!

Some of the records you’ll need include:
• contracts of purchase and sale
• proof of all income and expenses
• details of any periods of private use by you, your family, or friends
• loan and refinancing documents
• evidence of steps taken to rent out your property.

We can help you getting into the habit of keeping accurate records so you can claim everything you’re entitled to. 📞 Call us on (03) 9548 1699 to book an appointment.

Find out more at www.ato.gov.au/general/property/residential-rental-properties/obtaining-and-owning-a-rental-property